Wednesday, April 05, 2006

XSI Rigid Body Dynamics

This building is made of 3400 Rigid Body objects. The guns are spring loaded without requiring an animation key. This was the largest number of objects that I was able to fit into a scene before it would crash. The computer was a single proc Dell and the render time was 30 minutes.
This design was featured in my tutorial debut in XSI 5 the Official Guide from Anthony Rossano. Anthony was gracious enough to allow me to create a tutorial that can be found in the last chapter of the guide.
This animation is also featured at the XSI Community Wiki fun with physX where three other Rigid Body studys of mine have also been posted. Thank you very much to Steve Caron for puting it there.

College Animation Assignments

I created this animation of my Preying Men to drum up competition at my College. These were all of the animation assignments cut together.

12 Monkeys motion Capture Assignment

This motion capture assignment was animated with a model created by Christian Lilhidahl. The audio comes from the movie 12 Monkeys when Brad Pitt is explaining how the world works to Bruce willis.

Gun transforms into robot.

This Gun/Robot is called a Squad Based Autonomous Mortar Delivery System (SBAM) I am using it for rigging practice using Rigid Body components. This was a test for some Animators to demonstrate the idea of the transition from Gun to Robot.

Monday, April 03, 2006

A brief History of my animation.

I worked at Omation Studios on Barnyard the Movie as an XSI Rigger, Digital Fusion Compositor and XSI Shot Finaler from February 2005 to March 2006. I graduated from the Henry Cogswell College Digital B.A. degree program in 2004.
I authored a short XSI Rigid-Body-Dynamics tutorial in the XSI 5 the complete Guide that Anthony Rossano published December 9th, 2005. Some of that animation was featured on XSI's Wiki .